List of summer and postdoctoral fellowships in data science

April 17, 2018

Data science fellowships seem like really good opportunities. I came across quite a few and wanted to organize them to hopefully be useful to me and others. You can see the details of these fellowships in the table below, or in this Google Sheet. Please comment on the sheet if you know of any that I’m missing.

Institution App due date Start date(s) Field Duration Stipend
UC San Diego April 15 October   1+ years  
UC Berkeley - School of Information May 11, 2019 Jan, May, Aug   1-2 years 60000 USD
UC Berkeley - BIDS, Berkeley Institute for Data Science April 2 August   2 years  
Columbia University - Data Science Institute Dec 1 July 1   2 years  
Harvard Data Science Initiative ? Fall   2 years  
NYU - Moore-Sloan Jan 31 Sep 1   2 years  
University of New Brunswick - Institute of Biomedial engineering Mar 12 Sep 1 Healthcare 2 years 70000 CAD
Duke Mar 15 ? Healthcare 2 years  
UC Santa Barbara Feb 1 Jan, July Ecology 6 months  
Northwestern University ? ?   ?  
IBM December ? Social good 1 year  
Institution App due date Start date(s) Field Duration Stipend
U Chicago Jan 31 May 28 Social good 12 weeks  
U Washington - eScience institute Feb 12 June 11 Social good 10 weeks 6500 USD
University of Northeast Florida Mar 20 ? Social good ?  
University of British Columbia Mar 5 ? Social good 14 weeks 6500 USD
Insight data science fellows May 7 Jan, June, Sep   7 weeks  
The Data Incubator ? Jan, June   8 weeks  

There are some other fellowship opportunities that look potentially interesting:

  1. Open NASA Data Fellows - Still in concept phase
  2. Washington research foundation post doc fellowships - Post docs, not explicitly data science. 3 years. $65k/year. Apply June 16. Start January. 3 years.
  3. Broad institute post doc fellowships - post docs in healthcare
  4. Stanford directory of postdoctoral positions - includes several data science post docs
  5. Center for data analytics & society post docs - 1-year post docs at University of Leeds and other schools. Apps due Mar 23. Possibly will occur again next year.
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