Hi! I’m Scott. I made this webpage mostly to showcase my interest in data science. I’m really interested in rigorous data analysis, as graduate school and How to lie with statistics taught me that it’s easy to make misleading claims from data. And we can use the same data to come to opposite conclusions.

I’m now a data scientist at Samba TV. I transitioned into the field through the Insight data science fellowship program. Previously, I was a graduate student in neuroscience at UC San Diego working in the Voytek lab studying brain rhythms. Specifically, I developed a new analysis framework to extract novel information from neural signals by parametrizing the waveform shapes of the brain rhythms. You can learn more about our motivations in this review paper and the techniques in this methods paper.

Cole, S.R., Steele, T.W.J. Biodegradable elastomers for targeted drug delivery applications. Exclusive Biomaterials Conference, O'Hare Terminal 1, Gate B22, Chicago. April 2013. Keynote. Uninvited Talk.