I’m a PhD student studying neuroscience at UC San Diego and working in the Voytek lab studying brain rhythms. Specifically, I am working on a new analysis framework to extract more information from neural signals by parametrizing the waveform shapes of the brain rhythms. You can learn more about this in our recent review and methods paper.

Otherwise, my main passion is in uncovering trends in data. Though I hope I’ll be able to apply these skills to improving public good in the future, you can see a list of my projects here ranging from burritos to text mining to police misconduct (CV, resume).

Cole, S.R., Steele, T.W.J. Biodegradable elastomers for targeted drug delivery applications. Exclusive Biomaterials Conference, O'Hare Terminal 1, Gate B22, Chicago. April 2013. Keynote. Uninvited Talk.