I’m a PhD student studying neuroscience at UC San Diego, currently researching the functions and measures of neural oscillations in the Voytek lab.

My main passion is in uncovering statistical trends in data. Though I hope I’ll be able to apply these tools to improving public good in the future, some of my projects so far have included:

  • Burritos in San Diego [1] [2] [3] [YouTube]
  • Poster popularity at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting [1] [2]
  • Currency trading [1] [2]
  • Data visualization [Tableau vizs]
  • Miscellaneous data-related Python tutorials [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • Probability and math [1] [2] [3]

Neuroscience research (CV, resume)

  • Oscillation shape. (Cole & Voytek 2017) Currently, almost all frequency analysis approaches implement Fourier techniques. However, this presumes a sinusoidal basis whereas neural oscillations are commonly nonsinusoidal. We are developing methods to extract information from the waveform shape.
  • Parkinson’s Disease. (Cole et al., 2017) This preprint presents an argument that neural activity in the motor cortex of Parkinson’s Disease patients is hypersynchronous.
  • Signal processing (Neurodsp) Our lab is organizing a standard libary for the tools we use to process and analyze neural signals. This includes tutorials for new lab members, or anyone who is interested in learning the techniques.
  • Phase-amplitude coupling (PAC) is a phenomenon in neural electrophysiology in which oscillations at two different frequencies are coupled to one another. Along with post-doc Erik Peterson, we created a library for estimating PAC (Python) (MATLAB)
Cole, S.R., Steele, T.W.J. Biodegradable elastomers for targeted drug delivery applications. Exclusive Biomaterials Conference, O'Hare Terminal 1, Gate B22, Chicago. April 2013. Keynote. Uninvited Talk.
  • Random fact: UCSD Neuro is also home to Neurophotometrics, a scientist-run fiber photometry company.